Medical alert & GPS Watch

Introducing the next generation Find-me Tunstall carers watch. A cellular personal emergency response system, panic alert, GPS tracker and fall detector all in one, the watch offers an unobtrusive duress alert device providing additional security at home and in the community.

Ideal for older people, people living with dementia, those with disabilities or those just wanting immediate access to help, the Find-me Tunstall carers watch is a 24/7 care solution that provides as little or as much support as you need.

How does the Find-me Tunstall carers watch work? 

Located on the side of the watch, the alert button is programmed to contact Tunstall’s 24-hour monitoring centre.

When the alert button is pressed, it connects to the monitoring centre, putting the wearer in contact with a trained operator who will assess the situation and contact the necessary responder to assist such as a carer, family member or emergency services.

Using GPS location details and real-time tracking, the operator is able to accurately locate the wearer and direct their responders to the precise location.

With open voice communication, the wearer can also speak directly with the operator. Each watch is supplied with a pre-configured SIM card and will operate where there is mobile network coverage. 

Features and benefits 

  • Provides an easy to use duress button
  • Can be used outside of the home, where there is mobile network coverage
  • Programmable safe zone, to raise an alert when the wearer leaves a specified area
  • Destination alert, to advise when the wearer reaches a programmed destination
  • Open voice communication, allowing the wearer to speak directly with a response operator
  • GPS tracking to accurately locate the wearer
  • Map location and street address provided on the activation of an alert
  • Water resistant so the watch can be worn at all times
  • Automatic alert generated on detection of falls and watch removal
  • Magnetic battery charging technology

Technical details

Weight  <100 gms (including battery) 
Dimensions 60 x 46 x 15 mm (without strap)
Battery type Li-ion rechargeable
Battery usage 10 hours (typical use)
Battery life 2 years +
Device class Cellular personal emergency response system
Device communication Voice / data / SMS
Frequency 850 / 2100
Compatibility 3G / NextG
Water resistance IPX4 splash resistant


RCM  Compliant 
  AS/CA S042.1-2015, AS/CA S042.4-2015
  AS/NZS 60950-1: 2011
  EN 55022: 2010
  EN624979: 2010, EN62209-2: 2010 (body), EN503860: 2001/A1: 2012
CE Compliant
Warranty 12 months

RRP pricing

Find-me Tunstall carers
watch pricing
Outright cost Monitored by Tunstall
(inc. SIM card fees)
(exc. SIM card fees)
Rental N/A $75.75/m  $51.55/m
Purchase $529.10  $56/m  $31.80/m


For further information you can view the following Find-me Tunstall carers watch resources or contact our friendly Customer Service team.

 Solutions sheet
 Wearer's guide
 Monitoring solutions brochure
 Self-monitored guide

We strongly recommend that customers confirm the 3G coverage in their area before ordering the Find-me carers watch, to ensure mobile services are available.

Private (self-funded) clients can complete their orders using our online order form:

For corporate or bulk orders, please contact us.


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